Our Pillars


Listening to and learning from our customers and employees inspires us; it’s in our DNA. This has led us to innovate, to grow, to change, re-think and to invest. We believe that only by first listening and learning can we truly become the trusted leader and collaborative partner that our customers, employees and shareholders deserve. With our 3.2-million-square-foot American footprint, we are even more proud that nobody puts more heart into each railcar.

Committed to excellence

We know that our next century will require a focus not on quantity, but on quality: quality of product, of service, of relationships, and most of all, quality of people. At each FreightCar America facility, our skilled craftspeople turn steel into commerce, blending thousands of years of collective expertise with state-of-the-art automation, technology and a relentless rigor that not only describes our processes but our people as well.


The FreightCar America story is written in steel and sweat, riding on the rails that built the backbone of this great country. A red, white and blue American success story, a legacy focused on the future, while honoring our past. Since 1901, carrying the load and turning more miles on rail than anyone—with new chapters yet to be written.

no one puts more heart into each railcar.


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