Our History

First established in 1901, FreightCar America has unmatched experience in quality railroad freight car manufacturing. This creative approach to railcar design and manufacturing is complemented with modern facilities in North America, maintaining its reputation as a world-class freight car supplier. Nobody puts more “heart” into a railcar than FreightCar America; generations of employees dedicated to continuous improvement have made FreightCar America a leading builder of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and hybrid steel-aluminum freight cars.

FreightCar America’s unequalled engineering, innovation and modern, efficient production facilities contribute to our strong position in the North American freight car industry. We have expanded our products to include a full range of flat cars, covered hoppers, open-top gondola and bottom-discharge cars for bulk commodities, mill gondolas, boxcars, intermodal cars, steel coil and slab cars.

At FreightCar America, we listen to our customers and deliver a customer-focused process at every level. This includes after-sale product support, spare parts and technical assistance wherever our products are in service.